☆☆☆ Debster’s workingdogs & Kynero join forces ☆☆☆

Starting in February 2019 Debster’s workingdogs and Kynero started a collaboration. First of all, this cooperation ensures that we want to document the first steps to search dogs. In addition, Rob and Debbie as well as Danitsja want to get together with this cooperation that the importance of socialization of working dogs is recognized. To achieve this goal, they will in the coming months also put various updates on social media showing how the puppies get started.

The first step has already been taken! Since this week, the young Malinois puppy Dana has been making the Danitsja house unsafe, the first results will soon appear. Are you not following Debster’s Workingdogs and / or Kynero on social media yet? Click on the links below to stay informed of the progress of Dana and the other puppy that will follow.