Purchasing & Sales

Purchasing & Sales of Workingdogs

When it comes to purchasing or selling, it is always about the right match. We make use of our extensive network in the selection process. Our dogs excel at social behavior and an enormous desire to work. There must be confidence on both sides and that the final choice is the best choice.

We do not aim for short success, but for a long-term cooperation. Our dogs can work anywhere in the world and we can arrange the transport of the dog for you worldwide.

We are constantly looking for dogs and is your dog suitable for us?

Do you have a dog that is not afraid of anything, likes to play with a ball or iron pipe and is social towards people and animals, then we are looking for this dog. The dog is included in our program and is further trained so that it can eventually work at the police, army or customs.

All dogs that we buy are always medically checked and X-rays are taken of the back, hips and elbows to see if the dog is healthy.

If you have a dog that meets these requirements or if you have doubts about the qualities, please contact us to see what the options are.

Debster’s Workingdogs has many years of experience in training and training working dogs. All our dogs are trained daily by experienced trainers. Together with you, we investigate which dogs are most suitable for your situation.

Which dogs can we supply?

Police dogs
Explosives dogs
Narcotics dogs
Tracking dogs
Guard and security dogs
We can also deliver custom work in consultation with you.

The health and welfare of the dogs is of paramount importance at Debster’s Workingdogs. That is why all dogs that we sell are always medically tested. The dogs are also delivered with recent x-rays of the back, hips and elbows and an international pet passport.

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