Detection dogs

Detection Dogs

Debster’s Workingdogs offers detection dogs that are a reliable and efficient tool in the detection of narcotics and / or explosives. Our detection dogs work worldwide on their task within government or semi-governmental institutions. In this way they contribute to safety and manageability.

Explosives dogs
Debster’s Workingdogs selects working dogs that exhibit a high level of hunting and game drive and are focused on their target so that they can detect all types of explosives. The dogs are trained to give a passive message when explosives are detected by sitting or lying down. The explosives working dogs are trained to search in the following environments:

Border crossings
And much more…

Narcotics dogs

The use of drug dogs has proven to have an effective preventive effect worldwide. Regularly conducting drug controls on schools, people, vehicles, buildings, etc., for example, sends out a signal that the use and sale of narcotics is not tolerated.

Debster’s Workingdogs trains these dogs to detect narcotics. They are trained to report the smell in an active (scratching or barking) or passive (sitting or lying) way.

Tracking dogs
Debster’s Workingdogs train Labrador Retrievers for Search and Rescue (SAR). The Labrador Retriever is known for tracking down missing persons through air scents, these Labradors have a high level of hunting and game drive and are very social. The use of a Labrador Retriever is ideal because this dog can search large areas quickly and competently and the dog can pick up a scent from about 500 meters away.

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