For Whom?

Who do we work for?

Debster’s Workingdogs is a full-service party for working dogs. Specialized in green, single-sided and double-sided dogs. From puppies to partially or fully trained dogs. These trained dogs are often intended for the KLPD, the regional police or Customs, but dogs are also trained for the private market.

Our dogs are trained to be police dogs and drug dogs. Their work really matters. Our dogs contribute to the world and make it a bit safer and more livable.

Police dogs

The police use dogs at work. For example, the police use detection dogs to search for drugs or explosives and surveillance dogs in daily police work. The surveillance dog is a so-called means of violence, just like the baton, pepper spray and firearm.

Dogs are indispensable helpers for the police. That is why the police have many dog ​​brigades. The dogs are not only used for surveillance, but also to combat crime. The dogs are used for:

detection of burglary in large buildings;
football matches professional football;
assistance with law enforcement and arrest;
support ME performances;
seizure of pets;
shoot dangerous animals;
compliance with the muzzle regulation;
shows and demonstrations.

Dogs help police detect narcotics, human odor, explosives, human remains, fire accelerants and tobacco.

The Ministry of Defence

The Royal Netherlands Army and Air Force has very valuable equipment. Equipment and objects must be monitored 24 hours a day. Its main task is to monitor and secure weapon systems in the Netherlands and abroad (during exercises and deployments). Debster’s Workingdogs trains dogs for this work.


Customs Netherlands is an enforcement and customer-oriented organization, whose activities have a direct impact on our society. And this also goes further than the borders of the Netherlands: the field of activity is internationally oriented.

At Schiphol International Airport, some 475 customs officials check baggage and goods carried by travelers and crew members. Tracking dogs play an important role in this.

Dogs for Individuals

Worldwide there is an increasing demand for guard and security dogs. These dogs assist with security of buildings or objects. Whether it concerns searches or surveillance… they do this work under various (difficult) circumstances.

The dogs are trained to be super social dogs but also to listen well. In consultation with the customer, we look for the most suitable solution.


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