Malinois Sheepdogs

Given its genetic qualities, the Malinois Sheepdog is extremely suitable for work. He is fearless and has a great passion for the job.

Debster’s Workingdogs works with Malinois Sheepdogs from well-known bloodlines that have proven themselves well over the years. The selection of these dogs is based on health, a high loot drive and working as a fighting machine.

Dutch Shepherd Dog

The Dutch Shepherd Dog was already used in the 19th century to herd sheep herds. He made sure that the sheep did not graze in “prohibited areas”. He was also used as a guard dog, draft dog and poacher dog. When more and more flocks of sheep disappeared at the end of the 19th century, it lost its most important function. New interests in Dutch breeds kept the breed from disappearing. The breed was thereafter, and still is, used by police and military. Today, the Dutch Shepherd is kept as a working dog in all kinds of different directions such as police dog, customs dog and rescue dog.

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