Debster’s Workingdogs is a full-service party for working dogs. Specialized in educating and training green, single-sided and double-sided dogs. From puppies to partially or fully trained dogs.

Many years of experience in the police dog world. Many of our dogs are employed by various government and private agencies worldwide. We stand for social dogs with a huge dose of work drive.



Debbie Brandhorst
Owner / Dogtrainster

Debbie Brandhorst has over 20 years of experience in sheltered employment. She was also facility manager for 5 years. She has a lot of experience with business processes and the applicable laws and regulations. In addition, she is in possession of the Animal Decision Holders diploma.

Rob Toelen
Owner / Dogtrainer

Rob Toelen has now been active in the training of police dogs for 20 years. He was also a psychomotor therapist at Kentalis for 18 years (for people who are hard of hearing, deaf or deafblind). He was also a teacher at the KNVB for many years.

Debster’s Workingdogs originated from our background, the healthcare sector. We enjoy working with people and animals, to discover how people can further develop themselves and to combine these two. In the past we have set up and successfully completed various small projects. During these projects it was great to see how humans and dogs develop. Both the personal growth of the human being and the development of the puppy (the socialization phase). At the moment there are more of these types of projects active. We fully enjoy the mutual cooperation, the growth of the people and the development of the puppies.