The police use dogs for her work. For example, the police use detection dogs to search for drugs or explosives and surveillance dogs for daily police work. The surveillance dog is a so-called means of violence, such as the baton, pepper spray and the firearm that are also.

Dogs are indispensable helpers of the police. That is why the police have many dog ​​brigades. The dogs are not only used for surveillance, but also for combating crime. The dogs are used in:

– detection in case of burglary in large buildings;

– football matches paid football;

– assistance with law enforcement and detention;

– support ME performances;

– seizure of pets;

– shooting dangerous animals;

– compliance with the muzzling ordinance;

– shows and demonstrations.

Dogs help the police in the detection of narcotics, human odor, explosives, human remains, fire accelerants and tobacco.

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