Host Families

Host Families

We are looking for people who want to help us to raise a puppy. The pup that you are raising for us eventually comes to work at a police, customs or a security company.

Are you for some reason at home, do you want to be active and meaningful, do you like doing something with dogs, then this project might be something for you …

How does it work?

You get a puppy from us and take care of the dog for a certain time. The care can take 3 months, but also longer, up to 1 year. In the meantime, you will teach the puppy everything so that he can eventually be used in practice. It starts with grooming, learning to listen to his name, sitting and lying down. But also looking up objects and if it is possible some bite work. In the beginning you take the puppy everywhere you go so that, when the puppy is big, he is not afraid of anything anymore, socializing is what we call it.

Support and guidance

Every month we meet with other people who also raise a puppy and we show each other what we have learned. In this way we can also learn from each other again. There is also a private Facebook page where you can get in touch with each other and exchange tips, videos or photos.

In between, you show us what you’ve already learned from the pup by means of video clips. Are there problems then we just drop by to see if we can solve this together.

What do we expect from you?

We do not ask much of you but …

You must at least keep a lot of dogs.

Being able to let the puppy out several times a day, especially in the beginning when the puppy needs to be clean.

Being open to tips on how to make the dog better.

what do you get from us?

  • Of course a Puppy
  • Belt
  • Enter
  • Enrollment / costs veterinary
  • Basket and / or loft
  • Toys

After 3 to 12 months the most difficult part of the training comes, saying goodbye to your puppy. This is difficult but if it goes well and you still like to do it then you can get a new puppy from us and start again from scratch.

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